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{Come Follow Me} September ‘Come Follow Me’ Handouts: Why Do We Fast?

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) Today I am sharing 2 printables that would be great for the ‘Why Do We Fast’ lesson that is part of this month’s ‘Come Follow Me’ for the Youth. Just keep on reading to see what printables I’m sharing. First…Is a two-sided handout with the scripture references from the lesson outline. The YW can look up each of the scriptures to learn more of why we…
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Fasting Fridge – Outside

This fasting fridge handout idea is from another leader’s lesson on fasting. The text reads: Does fasting make you HUNGRY? If so… “Feed” yourself spiritually “Feast” upon the scriptures Ten Steps to a Fulfilling Fast: 1. Plan ahead 2. Have a particular purpose or goal in mind as you fast 3. Start the fast with prayer 4. Direct your thoughts, words, and actions towards keeping the spirit 5. Abstain from…
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Object Lesson

Provide a feather for all those in the lesson. Have them tickle each others ear with the feather. The first time they are able to respond by rubbing or scratching their ear. The second time have them restrain or show restraint and with hold from ppushing the feather away or rubbing their ear. Fasting helps us to show restraint or to strengthen our control over circumstances and temptation.

Prayer strengthens me and my family

Primary Talks

We fasted and besought our God (Ezra 8:23). Ashley counted the days as her fingers ran across her braille calendar. Only five more days until her eighth birthday! “Five days is too soon!” Ashley said to herself. “How can I ever do it?” Like most children, Ashley looked forward to her birthday each year. She loved the excitement of birthday parties, cake, ice cream, and, of course, gifts. But even…
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