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This is a Reverence Book or Quiet Book I made at an Enrichment night. It would make a fun project for a Quarterly Primary Activity or Enrichment Activity. You could also use this as a baptism or Christmas gift.

Instructions Buy a photo album that holds 4×6 photos. Cut each page along the dotted lines, and glue the photos on the pages with a glue stick. Insert the pages in the photo album.

I have put the pages in the order they are in my book, but you can arrange them any way that you like. If you can’t find all the pictures, just eliminate those pages, or flip the page over and have the child draw his own illustrations.

Printing Instructions: The PDF versions of these files are laid out so that you can cut from the top and edges of the paper to the crop lines. When printing these PDFs, be sure that you choose “None” under Page Scaling Option.

Nine pages total (this is just one of them — click reverence book below to download them all), black and white, ready for photocopying. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Crop to 4×6. 3 per page.

This is the book I made on the outside.

This is my book on the inside.

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