It’s worth the wait

Object Lesson

In order to demonstrate the importance of waiting for your big spritual reward rather than indulging yourself in “worldy rewards”, put a cookie in front of the child/children and ask them if they would like to enjoy it by eating it now. After all of the children have decided whether they would like to eat it or not you then present a humongus dessert such as a banana split or a piece of cake with whipped cream and candy all over it…. then you tell the children that they could eat this big dessert instead of the cookie but they will have to wait for a half hour in order to do so, would they wait to eat it? Apply the lesson to great rewards that await us in the Celestial Kingdom, or by being virtuous, or by preparing to enter the temple. You may want to use the following poem by Elder Boyd K. Packer in your lesson: We have within a burning flame, A light to kindle lights, The sacred fire of life itself, Which if misused ignites A smold’ring, suffocating cloud Of sorrow and distress. When used by law this power brings forth A life, a family, happiness. Temptors from the darkest realm Seek to pervert this power In acts of wickedness and waste Until there comes the hour Of judgment and of recompense, When bitter tears are shed O’er power once held to foster life That now is gone and dead. I know this power to be a key, A very key to God’s own plan Which brings to pass eternal life And immortality for man. And marriage is the crucible Where elements of life combine, Where mortal temples are conceived Within that plan divine. Then spirit offspring of our God Can come through mortal birth To have a choice, to face the test— The purpose of our stay on earth. Here good and evil stand alike Before decision’s sovereign nod. Those who elect the righteous path Will part the veil, return to God. A gift from God, the plan provides That mortal beings in humble strait Be given power, supernal power, To share their love and help create A living child, a living soul, Image of man, and of Deity. How we regard this sacred gift Will fix our course, our destiny! (as quoted in “Marriage,” Ensign, May 1981) This object lesson was inspired by one at

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