It’s in the Presentation

Object Lesson

To begin the lesson, pass around the muffin box with a mix inside. Have students look at the box. Smell the box. Ask them what their opinions are. “It’s just a box.” Next pass around the freshly made muffins in the basket. Ask the students to look at the muffins and smell them. What is the difference? “The second one is more interesting, desirable.” With the muffin box, it didn’t take me any time or effort to bring it to the class. With the muffins, I spent time, consideration, caring thoughts, and came out with a finished product that the students are ready to enjoy. It is the same with our lessons. We must prayerfully plan these to meet the needs of our students. Much of what they get out of the lesson depends on our effort and preparedness. We can’t just show up with an old box and expect the lesson to go well. We must spend time preparing worthwhile lessons to receive the Spirit and be inspired.

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