Scripture Memory – The 8 Best Game

Today we played a memory game. I had previously selected 8 scripture mastery scriptures that I felt needed review. Drawing a big sixteen-square table, I then mixed up scripture references and key words all over the board. Then I covered them with colorful paper.

Then after opening exercises, devotional, etc., I divided the class into two teams. They each had their scriptures in hand. Taking turns, a student from team A would select two squares to remove to see if they had found the matching keyword to the matching reference (to determine which was team A and B, I simply thought of a number between 1 and 20 and let each team guess a number. I try very hard to not show favoritism).

As each square was uncovered (and BEFORE selecting the second square), I asked if they could recite the actual scripture from their first choice, by either the keyword uncovered or by the reference BEFORE uncovering the second square. If they could, then they received 100 Brigham Bucks for the end-of-the-year auction.

Then they would uncover the second square and see if they matched. If it didn’t, I asked if they could recite the second by memory for another 100 Bucks. If the second square matched the first, then I asked the entire team to recite the scripture as a whole. I allowed them 20 seconds to quickly review the scripture, then shut their scriptures. If the team did fairly well, they all earned 100 Bucks and got to go for another round – IF they had matched two squares properly on the first try. If not, the second team got a chance.

Once all of the squares had been matched, I called out “Round Two!” For Round Two, I let each team select a scripture from up on the board and see if they could recite it out loud without looking at their scriptures. If they could, for this round they earned 200 points (as opposed to 100 points in the first round). Then the other team got to try. We did this three times back and forth between the teams.

I was going to let them select any scripture on the board, even though the other team may have recited it in Round Two. But they wanted to cross out the verses if they’d been used and not allow them to be used again. So this is how we played Round Two!

By the end, Team A had racked up 1000 Brigham Bucks and Team B had accumulated 1200 Bucks. And it was a fairly successful scripture mastery review.


I used red and blue squares simply to be colorful. But it confused the kids – they thought references were hidden under the red squares and keywords were hidden under the blue. I would suggest to either have the squares all one color or to use many colors – unless you want to make the memory game easier on the kids. Your choice!

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