Ready-made Family Home Evenings

Ready Made Family Home Evening Lessons

Ready Made Family Home Evening LessonsFind links to FHE printables, including the FHE in a Jar gift, in this story. The work has been done for you!

Family Home Evening Lessons

Following are handouts and lesson ideas you can use to make a fantastic family home evening lesson.  Some are found here, and others are great ideas we’ve found elsewhere on the web:

FHE in a Jar

  • Family Home Evening in a jar strips. Print out the pages, cut out the strips, and place them in a jar or small box. When you’re in need of a quick Family Home Evening lesson, pull one out, and voila! I think FHE-in-a-jar would make a great visit-teaching or home teaching gift, or even an LDS Young Women or LDS Primary activity (have the children cut out the strips and decorate the jar or box). – Jenny
  • FHE Printables from our free LDS clipart gallery.

Free FHE Lesson Plans

  • LDS Living has quite a list of Family Home Evening lessons.
  • FHE in a can – a simple idea using a #10 can to make an FHE gift. Here are the Lesson idea cards.
  • The Idea Door – has a packet of 53 FHE lessons with graphics, etc., based on the Primary Manuals.
  • Pratt’s FHE Lessons – mostly targeted at younger children. Simple lessons plans with object lessons.
  • – has a growing list of user-submitted FHE lessons.
  • Sugar Doodle has some FHE lessons and references
  • Hatch Patch Creations – has a free sample of their FHE packets for download here.
  • – FHE lesson topics menu.
  • Families in Zion‘s library of family home evening and object lessons is great! They’re color coded by age group (younger/older children).
  • LDS Family Fun – has a variety of lesson topics I haven’t seen before. Fun!
  • 12 Ways of Christmas features fun Family home evening kits created by LDS bloggers and designers from all over the web (like me)!

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