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Primary Talks Nov 07 2008

Family home evening strengthens my family


Learning the gospel can be fun! … Together on fam’ly night! (Children’s Songbook, page 195).

The door slammed behind Matthew as he ran in the house. He dropped his kindergarten papers on the kitchen table.

“I’m home,” he said to his mother, who was spreading peanut butter on bread. “I’m ready to work on my family home evening lesson.”

Mother laughed. “Just a minute, son,” she said. “You need to eat lunch first.”

“But tonight is family home evening, and I don’t have my lesson ready.”

“I’ll help you after lunch,” Mother said. “Now, run and wash your hands.”

In a minute Matthew was back. His hands were still wet. Mother was feeding baby Karin something orange and mushy. “What is Karin having for lunch?” he asked. “It looks awful.”

“It’s squash,” Mother said. “And she likes it. But don’t worry—I made a peanut butter sandwich and apple slices for you.”

Matthew hurried to eat his lunch, but when he finished, Mother was still trying to put squash into Karin’s mouth. It kept dribbling back out. “You’ll have to go and play while I feed Karin,” she said. “It takes longer for babies to eat than five-year-old boys.”

“I don’t want to play,” said Matthew. “I want to plan my family home evening lesson. It needs to be really special because it’s my first one. Kathryn said it wouldn’t be a very good lesson. She said I’m too little.”

“You are littler than your sister Kathryn,” Mother said, “but you’re bigger than Karin. You can do lots of things that she can’t do. Why don’t you think about what you’d like to teach our family tonight, and I’ll help you when I’m finished.”

Matthew went to his room. He sat on his bed and thought. He thought about some of the family home evening lessons his dad had given.

I like listening to the scriptures when Dad reads them, Matthew thought, but I don’t know how to find the right ones for him to read.

Matthew thought about teaching his family something he had learned in Primary. He remembered his teacher had told the class that President Benson had said that we should read the Book of Mormon. Matthew went over to his toy shelves. On the top shelf was his tape recorder, his Book of Mormon reader, and the cassette tapes to go along with it. He opened the reader to his favorite story and turned on the tape.

As he listened to the story, Matthew had an idea. He listened to the story three times. Then he went to his toy box. He counted out a pile of small blocks and put them into a bucket. After that, he went to the kitchen to get a flashlight. Mother was washing the lunch dishes. Karin was crawling around on the floor.

“I’m going to do the lesson all by myself,” Matthew told his mother. “I have it all planned.”

“Don’t you need any help?” Mother asked.

“Just a little help,” said Matthew. “I need that big brown blanket down from the cupboard. I’m going to build something in the living room.”

Mother went to the cupboard and took down the blanket. “What are you going to build?” she asked as she gave it to him.

“You’ll find out at family home evening,” he said mysteriously.

Matthew put four chairs in the living room. He spread the blanket over the tops of the chairs. Then he crawled inside under the blanket.

It’s pretty dark in here, he said to himself. I think it’s just right.

That night everyone was very curious to hear Matthew’s lesson.

“What’s this big tent for?” Kathryn asked. “I’ve never seen a family home evening lesson like this.”

“You’ll find out after we sing the opening song and have the prayer,” said Matthew. “Mom, can we sing ‘Book of Mormon Stories’ for the opening song? It will help my lesson.”

The family sang all eight verses of “Book of Mormon Stories.” Then Dad gave the opening prayer. After the family business, Dad turned the time over to Matthew.

“Tonight we are going to act out a story from the Book of Mormon,” said Matthew. “It’s the story of the Brother of Jared and the Jaredites.

“They were traveling to the promised land. They came to a big ocean. The Lord told the Brother of Jared to build eight boats. We’re going to pretend that this blanket on the chairs is one of the boats.”

“That’s what the tent is for,” said Kathryn. “It’s a boat!”

“The Brother of Jared obeyed God. He built the eight boats,” Matthew continued. “Kathryn, will you get inside the boat, and tell me what you see?”

Kathryn crawled inside the boat. Baby Karin did too. “It’s dark in here,” Kathryn said.

“Yes, the boats were too dark for the Jaredites to travel in,” said Matthew.

“I remember the story,” said Kathryn, poking her head out of the boat. “The Brother of Jared had to find a way to get light in the boats.”

“That’s right,” said Matthew. “Dad, will you hide behind the curtain? I want you to show what Jesus did. I’m going to pretend that I’m the Brother of Jared.”

When Dad was behind the curtain, Matthew took the flashlight from his bucket. He handed the flashlight to Mom. “Shine the light on the blocks after Dad touches them,” he whispered to her.

Matthew picked up the bucket of blocks. He climbed up on top of the couch. “This is the mountain that I’m climbing,” said the pretend Brother of Jared. “I’m taking these sixteen white stones up to the top of the mountain.”

Matthew knelt on the couch. He spread out the blocks. Then he pretended to pray: “Lord, we need something to make light in our ships. Please touch these stones with Thy finger and make them shine.”

Matthew’s dad put his finger out of the curtain and touched the blocks. Matthew’s mom shined the flashlight on them. Matthew fell down. He pretended to be afraid.

“Get up, why are you afraid?” said Dad, still playing the part of Jesus.

“I saw the finger of the Lord,” said Matthew.

“You have so much faith that I’m going to show all of myself to you,” said Dad. Then he walked out from behind the curtain.

“The Brother of Jared saw Jesus because he had so much faith,” said Matthew. “We should try to have faith like the Brother of Jared. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

“That was fun,” said Kathryn. “Can we do the story again, and this time I’ll be the Brother of Jared?”

“Sure we can,” said Dad.

“That was a wonderful lesson, Matthew,” said Mom. “We should act out more of the scripture stories. It will really help us remember them.”

“I already have my next lesson figured out,” said Matthew. “Our piano bench would make a great wall for Samuel the Lamanite!”





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Primary Talks Oct 20 2008

Heavenly Father blesses righteous families in the scriptures


Many years after the Great Flood, the descendants of Noah had multiplied and prospered greatly. They built cities, tilled the land, and became very wealthy. Most of them became wicked and idolatrous and forgot that it was the Lord who had spared their fathers. Some of them decided to build a high tower, which they believed would reach the heavens.

The Lord was angry with their behavior, and He confused their language. Because they could no longer understand each other, the work on the tower ceased, and the people moved to other parts of the land.

One righteous man, Jared, who had lived with his family near the tower when the language was confounded, had a brother whom the Lord loved because of his faithfulness. Jared asked his brother to pray to the Lord that the language of their families might not be confounded. The brother of Jared did so, and the Lord answered his prayer. Then the brother of Jared prayed to ask the Lord whether they should leave that country.

The Lord told him that He would send them to a land that was “choice above all the lands of the earth” and that they would receive for their inheritance. This land is now called America. He instructed the brother of Jared to assemble his family, Jared’s family, and their friends’ families.

After they had gathered their flocks and birds, fish, deseret (honeybees), and seeds of all kinds, the brother of Jared led his people into a valley called Nimrod, which was named after a mighty hunter.

There the Lord told the brother of Jared to take his people deep into the wilderness. Covered by a cloud, the Lord led them, giving directions for their journey. The travelers settled near a seashore, where they lived for four years.

The Lord continued to talk with the brother of Jared, promising him that the promised land would always be one of freedom if the people lived righteously. If they became wicked, however, He would destroy them.

During their four years near the seashore, the people began to forget the Lord. Even the brother of Jared did not pray as he once had. The Lord came down from heaven in a cloud and chastised him for three hours, and the brother of Jared repented of his sins and prayed for forgiveness for himself and his people.

The Lord forgave the people, then instructed them how to build barges so that they could cross the ocean. The barges were small, light, and sealed as tightly as a dish, except for holes in their tops and bottoms for letting in fresh air whenever they were not underwater.

When the barges were finished, the brother of Jared talked with the Lord about how they would have to cross the ocean in darkness. The Lord wanted the brother of Jared to tell Him how to light the barges. So he went up into the hills and smelted sixteen stones until they were as clear as glass. Carrying them to the top of a mountain, he asked the Lord to touch the stones with His finger so that they might shine in the darkness.

When the brother of Jared had finished praying, the Lord did as he had asked and touched the stones with His finger. The veil was removed from the brother of Jared’s eyes, and he saw the finger of the Lord. Then, because of the brother of Jared’s great faith, the Lord showed him the rest of Himself, teaching him that all men are created in the Lord’s image.

This wonderful experience—seeing the spirit body of the Lord—affected the brother of Jared deeply. The Lord instructed him to record it in a journal and hide the record where it would not be found until He appeared in the flesh.

Two of the especially prepared stones were placed in each barge, one at either end, and the people loaded their possessions and animals into the barges and set sail. The Lord caused a strong wind to blow the small vessels toward the promised land. For 344 days the people traveled across the ocean.

When they reached the promised land, they immediately knelt and offered a prayer of thanksgiving. They began to build homes for their families and to till the earth, growing crops from the seeds that they had brought with them. Children were born, and as long as they were righteous, they prospered.





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