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Scripture Bouquet Reading Reminders

Search the scriptures; for … they … testify of me (John 5:39). Because Heavenly Father and Jesus love you, they gave you the scriptures so that you can learn about the gospel and how to live it. The word scripture means a “holy writing.” When we read the scriptures, we learn what Heavenly Father expects of us, what He will do if we obey Him, and what will happen if…
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The Simon/Satan Says Game

Object Lesson

How many of us like being told what to do? Yet every time we listen to the adversary, in essence we’re following his commands. ACTIVITY Here the rules to the game “Simon Says/Satan Says” to get started. This is just like the normal “Simon Says” game, with a twist for the second round. 1. Prior to class, prepare at least 9 cards to flash commands at the kids as you…
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Bible prophets teach me how to strengthen my family

Primary Talks

(Information and quotations are from Bible Dictionary—Hezekiah and Isaiah; Isa. 9:6, Isa. 29:4, Isa. 38:1–8, and Isa. 53:9.) Great are the words of Isaiah (3 Ne. 23:1). Anthony peered out the window of his pretend time machine. It was actually a cardboard box that he had decorated with markers, foil, and other things. For several days he had had lots of fun playing in it. Now he was imagining a…
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