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Heavenly Father blesses righteous families in the scriptures

Primary Talks

Many years after the Great Flood, the descendants of Noah had multiplied and prospered greatly. They built cities, tilled the land, and became very wealthy. Most of them became wicked and idolatrous and forgot that it was the Lord who had spared their fathers. Some of them decided to build a high tower, which they believed would reach the heavens. The Lord was angry with their behavior, and He confused…
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Sink or Swim

Object Lesson

Write things on the penny squares that are not good or cause us to sink…such as drinking alcohol, swearing, gossiping, ect. On the squares without pennies write things that will help us…such as prayer scripture study, ect. Have the children read the square and then put it in the water. The Squares containing pennies will sink, the others will float.

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