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I will obey my parents

Primary Talks

Several years ago, I was invited to give an important lecture at a medical school in New York City. The night before the lecture, Sister Nelson and I were invited to dinner at the home of our host professor. There he proudly introduced us to an honor medical student—his beautiful daughter. Some weeks later, that professor telephoned me in an obvious state of grief. I asked, “What is the matter?”…
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Persevere- turning a “failure” into a success

Object Lesson

Keep items hidden until required. I’ve got some amazing inventions to show you. Look at this pen – can you see what’s special about it? It never runs out, because it hasn’t got any ink in it. Don’t you think that’s wonderful? Look at this next invention – a special clock. Can you see what’s different about it? It never needs adjusting because it has no hands. Are you impressed?….
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