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Resurrection Easter Egg Activity

The Resurrection of Christ….the greatest event to ever take place for us….

I have SO loved this idea since getting it once in Relief Society in a lesson on the great sacrifice of our Savior and His Atonement. I have used this around the Easter dinner table in my family. I’ve used it teaching teenagers in Sunday School and in a Family Night. And I’ve reused it in primary.

Kids love object lessons. And this easter egg “signs of the Savior’s Sacrifice for us” is a great object lesson for kids and adults alike.  Every year, when I’ve taken out my little basket of eggs I’ve got a tear in my eye. I love the Savior. I believe in Him with all my heart. And I know in whom I have trusted.

If you want to hear a great talk check it out HERE.

In this chaotic life we are all a part of, it is a simple and clear walk through the steps to the Savior’s crucifixion and  resurrection, easily understood. I would try to do this activity as a family on Easter Sunday.

I love this painting depicting the sacrifice our Savior made for us….

As a former Catholic, and a convert to the church,  I always have mixed feelings about not telling exactly what happened to Christ during his great sacrifice in Gethsemane and the events leading up to the Crucifixion. Why not recognize the greatest sacrifice ever made, given by the greatest who ever lived among us, on the universal celebration of Easter?  I never did get that. Try to honor the Savior on Easter. That’s my simple and heartfelt message.

Another favorite painting of mine…I’m looking for a big copy of it to put in my greatroom remodel…it says to me….”I will look for you  when you  are lost…even though you are odd, different, ugly, damaged”  His love for us, evident.

The eggs can be put together using this easy tutorial HERE at Serving Pink Lemonade’s blog. . Use stuff around the house to fill your eggs. Another with a LIST is HERE at scribd.com. I actually like both of them. You could do a combination of both lists. I would skip the vinegar though, yucky :D.  A third lists is here copied from Yahoo Voices.

Egg #1: (palm) Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the people waved palm branches. Matthew 21:1-11
Egg #2: (cotton ball with cologne on it) Mary poured perfume on Jesus’ feet. John 12:3
Egg #3: (bread) Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples. Matthew 26:26
Egg #4: (coins) Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Matthew 26: 14-15
Egg #5: (a thorny stick) Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus’ head. John 19:2
Egg #6: (cross made from toothpicks) Jesus carried His own cross. John 19:17
Egg #7: (dice) Soldiers took Jesus’ clothes from him and cast lots for them. John 19:24
Egg #8: (nail) Jesus was nailed to the cross. John 19:18
Egg #9: (sponge) They gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall to drink. Matthew 27:34
Egg #10: (whole cloves) Spices are used to prepare Jesus for burial. John 19:40
Egg #11: (rock) The stone covering to Jesus’ tomb was rolled away. Matthew 28:2
Egg #12: (empty) He is not here He has risen! Matthew 28:6

 Some links for flipcards on good Easter songs  are HERE at Precious Primary.  1. Jesus Has Risen 70, 2. Hosanna 66, Beautiful Savior 62 To Think About Jesus 71, etc. HERE  is a flipchart on He Sent His Son at Sugardoodle. Pick a child to come up and choose an egg. Read the scripture inside and show what object is inside and explain what part it played in the Easter story. It is usually a very quiet and reverent time.

This picture is from another bogger Beyond Sippy Cups HERE.

 I loved getting this for my family and using it many times. It has made a big difference in my life and my family’s too I believe.

I am looking forward to Easter and Conference. My little kid’s table all ready…..

These eggs can be used for Resurrection Easter Eggs and the leftovers for an Easter Egg Hunt! 

“The grace of God is a precious gift, an enabling power to face life with quiet courage, to do things we could never do on our own. The Great Physician does more than forgive sins. He ministers relief to the disconsolate, comfort to the bereaved, confidence to those who wrestle with infirmities and feelings of inadequacy, and strength and peace to those who have been battered and scarred by the ironies of this life.” Robert Millett (see Isaiah 61:1–2Alma 7:11–13).” 

As we contemplate the gifts we have received from our Savior, and Redeemer, I have hope and trust in the above quote. I know there is a power we can turn to when life gets hard. And I, for one, need that power every single day.


{Sharing Time} Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, All Mankind May be Saved (part 1)

Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Outline

Introduce the doctrine:Write the third article of faith on the board and invite the children to repeat it with you a few times. Briefly explain any words the children do not understand. (For example, the Atonement is what Jesus did to make it possible for us to repent and return to God.) Erase one or two words and say it together again. Repeat to help the children memorize it.

Encourage understanding:Tell the following story and invite the children to stand and act it out with you. “A man was walking along a road (walk in place). He fell into a deep hole (sit down). He tried and tried but could not get out (pretend to try to get out). He called for help (quietly call for help). Another man was walking on the same road. He heard the man cry for help (quietly cry for help again). He lowered a ladder down into the hole. The man climbed the ladder out of the hole (pretend to climb up a ladder). The man was saved.” Discuss how the man might have felt when he was in the hole and then when he was rescued. Tell the children that when we do wrong or sin, it is like falling into a deep hole that we cannot get out of by ourselves. Show a picture of Jesus and tell the children that just as someone helped the man out of the hole, Jesus Christ can help and save us so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again.

Begin your Sharing Time by telling the children the story from the outline (man falling into the hole). Ask the children how the man felt when he was in the hole and how he felt when he was rescued.

Begin your Sharing Time by telling the children the story from the outline (man falling into the hole). Ask the children how the man felt when he was in the hole and how he felt when he was rescued.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
I decided to split the idea in the outline into 2 separate posts, one for this week and one for next week (I will post in the next day or so). Here is my idea for the first half for this week. Enjoy!

Begin your Sharing Time by telling the children the story from the outline (man falling into the hole). Ask the children how the man felt when he was in the hole and how he felt when he was rescued

Show the children a poster/sign of the 3rd Article of Faith and read it together.
Explain that when we do wrong/sin, it is like falling into a deep hole that we cannot get out by ourselves.

Forgiving Feet

Object Lesson:

At the front of the room have several pairs of shoes. Inside each of the shoes place some small pebbles. On the toe of each shoe have a scenario

          Example: Your Mother asked you to take out the garbage. You didn’t want to, so you ignored her. She asked you again and you yelled at her.
Invite a child up to the front and have them pick a pair of shoes. Have the child put the shoes on and walk around a little bit. Ask them how the shoes feel. They may say it hurts and isn’t very comfortable. Explain that when we make a mistake or sin it’s like the pebble in the shoe. Next, read the scenario aloud.

After you have read the scenario ask the child if there is someone that could help us remove the pebble/repent and be forgiven of our sin.

Show a picture of Jesus Christ. Just like the man in the story that helped the other man out of the hole in the story we heard before, Jesus Christ can help and save us so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again.

Have them remove the pebble, and explain that repenting and receiving Heavenly Father’s forgiveness is like removing the pebble from our shoe.  Explain that because of Jesus Christ, we can repent and receive forgiveness of our sins. 

Another Idea:
Instead of having several pairs of shoes just have one pair of shoes at the front of the room. Invite a child up to the front and have them put the shoes on (this time without pebbles). Have them share how the shoes feel.
Then have them take the shoes off and share a scenario of a time that they did wrong and add a few pebbles into the shoes. Have the child put the shoes on and walk around and share how it feels. Then have them take the shoes off again.
Once again share another scenario and add a few more pebbles.
Repeat as many times as you would like.

After you have shared several scenarios ask the child(ren) how or who can help get the ‘pebbles’ out of your shoes. Show the picture of Christ and explain that through Jesus Christ we are able to repent and be forgiven.
Have an empty jar and have the child pour the pebbles into it.

Show the children the jar of pebbles from the shoes. Bear testimony of the importance of the atonement and repentance. Tell the children if they don’t want to walk around with pebbles in their shoes, then they need to remember to repent. 

Thanks so much for stopping by for this week’s Sharing Time. I should have the second half for week 3 posted in the next day or so.
Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

starburst temple work

Object Lesson

Bring a small candy like a starburst, set it on the table and ask “who wants the candy? Who REALLY wants the candy? ” Whoever seems most eager, pick for the example. Say, “Joey, (or whoever) you really want the candy. It’ll make you very happy. So you can have it, but you can’t use any part of your body to pick it up or unwrap it, you can only…
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Testimony Building, Fourth Article of Faith, Solid Foundation

Object Lesson

I wanted to teach the children about the 4th article of faith and how these principles and ordinances can help us build and strengthen our personal testimony. To do this I needed to build a small table. I was able to cut a piece of particle board into a 6 inch by 4 inch rectangle. Then I found some wooden doweling and cut four, four inch lengths. I then drilled…
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Are you Paying Attention?

Object Lesson

Display a picture of a bird and a quarter. Then tell the following story: Two men were walking down a busy city street. The one asked the other, “Listen to that bird.” “I don’t hear a bird,” the other replied. “No, you must listen harder.” The second individual listened very carefully and after a few seconds, he finally heard the bird amongst the hustle of the street. The first individual…
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Object Lesson

I saw a similar object lesson to the toothpaste. The teacher gave the students a small pillow filled with feathers. The teacher tore it open and told him scatter the feathers. After he had done that, he then told him to go and pick up all the feathers and not come back until he had them all. Of course that was impossible. Gossip is like scattering the feathers, hurtful words…
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