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2016 Mutual Theme Crafts for New Beginnings and Girls Camp

I’m not the most creative person, so when I learned that this arrow charm with eternity circle made craft-making so easy, I had to try it myself.  Are these bracelets awesome or what?  I think they are perfect for the 2016 mutual theme.  It takes only about five minutes to make each bracelet, and the tools and findings can be found at any hardware or craft store.  In fact, my…
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How to Assemble the Young Women Jewelry Kit

Step 1: Get Ready You’ll need: a pair of pliers a candle a piece of scrap paper a Young Women Jewelry Kit The pliers shown above are jeweler’s pliers.  The corrosion makes them look cooler, right?  Needle-nosed pliers will work fine, too.  If you’ve got two sets of pliers, you will want both.  I use a candle in a small tin that I bought at Wal-Mart for around $2.00.  At…
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Stand in Holy Places – Free Sheet Music from Hillary Abplanalp

This free sheet music was shared by Hillary Abplanalp. Thank you, Hillary! Hillary has also graciously provided a free MP3 version of her song. You can burn it to CD or put it on your MP3 player. Please feel free to share it with your youth. Use of the files are free for noncommercial home and church use.

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