We can’t see Him, but He is there

Object Lesson

[Bring to class] an interesting object (if possible, something relating to the lesson), with a piece of cloth to hide it. (You could use a picture of the Savior. ~Jenny)

Show the children the object covered by a piece of cloth.

Do you believe there is something under here? Why?

Let the children guess what they think the object might be. Then uncover the object. Point out that even though they could not see the object, they believed it was there.

Explain that even though we have not seen Jesus Christ, we believe he is there. We see evidence of his existence everywhere as we look at the world that he created, as we see the stars in the heavens, and especially as we read the scriptures. We also have prophets who have told us that they have seen him. Tell the children that today they will learn of someone from the Book of Mormon who had such great faith that he actually saw Jesus Christ.

Source: Lesson 29: Having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Primary 3: Choose the Right B, (1994),138

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