Looking on the inside

Object Lesson

I used a picture of the Savior and took the crayons, mostly darker colors, and colored over the picture so as to distort it and make it just a mess. When finished nobody was able to see the picture. This has to be done prior to the begining of class. During the lesson I asked the girls who would like to have the picture on display in their rooms. I used the crayons right then to add more scribbles with comments that they might hear or say negativly about another. Then while talking about not judging another just by their bodies I proceeded to use the cleaner to wash off the crayons from the glass. It took a little work but allowed for a lot of class discussion about not judging but to look on the inside of the person. That Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do not look at the out side but they look at the inside of a person to see thier value. That we need to look at others and try to see them in the same way that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ see them. When I was finished I turned the picture around so that they could now see the picture of the Savior and then asked the same question of who would like to have it on display in their room.

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