Lemon Identification

Object Lesson

Spiritual Note: Lemon Identification (from a book called Low Cost, No cost Ideas for youth Ministry, its a Baptist church book, has some good ideas) While kids are feeling their lemons, make a secret list noting which numbered lemon each person is holding. When kids feel like they’re sufficiently intimate with their fruit, collect the lemons and set them all in a pile on a table. Have kids remove thier blindfolds, and have them take turns picking out their lemons. If kids were careful, they should each be able to pick out thier original fruit. After everyone has chosen, check kids picks against your secret list. Then ask: ~~What went through your mind when you found out that you’d have to identify your lemon without seeing it? ~~What unique characteristics did you look for too help you identify your lemon? Form pairs. Have one partner read Psalm 139: 1-16 and the other to summarize it in one sentence. Then have pairs discuss these questions: ~~How does your knowledge of your lemon compare to the way God knows you? ~~Why do you think God is so interested in you? ~~What’s one unique and positive thing that God has created in you? Say: From a distance it may seem that we’re all the same-like a bag full of lemons. But just as each lemon is unique, God created us with special gifts and personalities. Because of that we can learn to see ourselves as special, unique members of God’s family. (Source lds-youngwomen Yahoo Group

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