Getting to Know You - Primary Spotlight

Pamela VW. submitted this document that her unit uses to spotlight Primary Children, called Getting to Know You. She says, "I used clipart from your website to make the following form to spotlight our Primary Children. It is short and sweet and focuses on family and the Scriptures."

This .doc file uses a font called BaaBookHmk, which can be dowloaded here.

Ink Color: 

Black & White

Document Type: 

PDF - Adobe PDF

Print Dimensions: 

8.5 x 11 inches (US letter)

Number of Pages: 

1 page

Handouts Per Page: 

1 handout per page

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Malia's picture

Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this getting to know you form! It is perfect for our Primary!! Having this so beautifully made out for me to print has just simplified my life. I really appreciate your time and for sharing your talent! Much Aloha, Malia
Primary President, Pukalani Ward, Maui