63 Clean Fun Dates and Discussions

For this lesson, I wanted a set of cards for the girls to use in selecting good, clean, fun dates with young men. I copied each card onto colored card stock (one copy for each girl) and then used a paper cutter to separate the cards. I put each stack of cards topped with the cover card into a zipped snack-size baggie. These cards along with a few quotes and handouts found on MormonShare, Sugardoodle, and Suzy Q were placed into colorful gift boxes with ribbon handles that I bought for $1 at Target. I added some candies and the candy bar men cards I also found online. All together it became a little dating kit for each of my girls.

Why 63 clean and fun date ideas? Because I had 9 cards to a page, I wanted to fill all of the pages I used (which came out to 7 in all, 9×7=63). I typed and typed until I ran out of ideas. Each card includes a suggested discussion topic for the date (because I so often hear … imagine this as a wailing whine, “But what do I say to him?”). I created a cover card for the stack. Included is a blank MS Word template for additional cards.

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