Scripture, Scripture, Who Has the Scripture


Announce to the class that we’re playing a game called, “Scripture, Scripture, Who Has the Scripture?” Someone has hidden essential clues to eternal life and we are the detectives, finding those clues. On the chalkboard/whiteboard, prior to class, print on the board the key words to the scripture masteries that need review. Then cover the word clues with a series of cut-out black footprints.

At the end of the black footprints, there is one gold key taped to the board.

Rather than playing this in teams (as I sorely discovered), have them play as a class as a whole.

Call a student volunteer up to the front of the classroom to remove the first black footprint. They then read the keywords they have uncovered. The rest of the class scrambles to find the matching scripture in their scriptures. When everybody has found it, they’ve all graduated to the first level of detective sleuths, earning 100 Brigham Bucks.

Then for an extra 100 Brigham Bucks, the class recites the scripture by memory. They can’t look at their scriptures while reciting, but I recite it loudly for them to follow (as the teacher I actually use the scriptures to make sure I get the scripture word-perfect…since I don’t want to mess them up by relying on my memory).

That student sits down and another student comes up to remove the second footprint. They read the keywords under the footprint and the class strives to find that scripture, just as in the first round.

Once the entire class has found the scripture (the first 30 seconds they work on their own – after that, then students can help each other), they graduate to the next level of sleuthing and they’ve now earned another 100 Bucks!

Again, the class recites the scripture from memory while I lead them, reading the scripture from my scriptures.

And so each round goes, with them increasing in “sleuthing skills” and Brigham Bucks, until they finally arrive at the golden key (either cut out of golden paper or an actual key). Then bear your testimony as to the beauty of eternal life and that as they walk step by step, following these scriptural teachings, they, too, will receive the key to God’s kingdom, inheriting all that He has!

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