Terms of Use

Why shouldn’t I link directly to a file?

Linking directly to a file hosted on this site is bandwidth theft.  Please don’t link directly to a file hosted on this site (ending in JPG, DOC, PDF, etc), but please link to the page where the file is located.

The reason you should link to the page where the file is located and not directly to the file is files are big — sometimes very big.  When a viewer reads the description of a file on this site or sees the preview, they may decide not to download it. I pay several hundred dollars each month for that bandwidth, and when a user clicks on a file and doesn’t use it … that’s wasted bandwidth.  Please help me continue to host these files for free by providing your users links to pages, not files.

How may I use these files?

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means you can use this file to make derivative works as long as those derivative works are also free. No commercial use is allowed.

You are welcome to use my LDS graphics and handouts for non-profit purposes, as long as you do not violate the terms below.

Use is not limited to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; members of other faiths or those with no religious affiliation are also welcome to use the materials for non-profit purposes.

You have my written permission to use the clipart found on this site for items that you will have professionally printed including, but not limited to, Youth Conference Shirts, Camp T Shirts, and other documents, as long as they are not used for profit-making purposes and do not violate the other stated Terms on this page.

If you use these files on a website, please give me credit with a link something like this:  lds-clipart-image.jpg provided by http://jennysmith.net/  on your website or blog.

  • Do not use any file from this site as part of any service, library, database, website, CD, or gallery that requires registration or charges any type of fee.
  • Do not use any file from this site on any item that you will sell for profit. No exceptions.
  • Do not use the Relief Society or Young Women’s logos on any products you will sell for profit.

These LDS clipart files are totally free and will remain so. I will actively pursue legal action against those who use these files for profit-making purposes.

Do not use these files in conjunction with any material that contains racist, hate, or anti-Mormon sentiment.

When you link to a document on my server, you must link to the page with the description and other optional file formats — the one that looks something like http://www.mormonshare.com/lds-clipart/name-of-clipart-image instead of directly to the images or documents themselves. Linking directly to an image or document or embedding images in your website’s html is a violation of my Terms of Use.

Submitting your Handouts

You are invited to submit handouts, images, or documents you have created for inclusion in the clipart database by emailing me.

Please cite any sources of clipart or text you use.

Submitted files may be altered.

Sometimes documents are unsuitable for inclusion, for example, documents containing copyrighted materials can not be included.

Anything else?

Please don’t tamper with the text that includes the link to this website on some images.

Terms and conditions of the originating website apply to any images not found on this website. For example, some pages link to files located on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ website. The links on these pages are provided as a service, not an expression of ownership. LDS Church’s copyright office can answer questions about the use of images owned by the Church.

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