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Lip Sync Battle Ideas

Check out these fantastic tips from LDS leaders on how to plan a lip sync battle! Set up Here is how one unit set up a “stage”.  It looks like they used plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and pinned them to a chalkboard in a classroom. Awards Look at these cute microphone awards made from tinfoil and spray painted paper towel holders!  Awards are for Entertainer of the Night,…
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Progressive Dinner Organizer

From Lela L: Our ward does a yearly progressive dinner.  I was talking to the lady that organizes it and she was telling me how much work goes into it.  I thought– I wonder if there could be a spreadsheet that would do all the work?  Well, now there is.  I created this spreadsheet– all you have to do is enter the hosts and participants names and information and on…
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Airplane Crash Activity

It’s the Activity That Kills You but Won’t Die: the Flight 227 airplane crash activity. The airplane crash activity isn’t a good activity, and know that you are advised not to perform it.  I thought I had squelched it years ago with my forum posts repeating the First Presidency letter warning members not to wear all white at activities.  But no dice…. If you’re looking for a fun LDS activity,…
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Family History Game

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/03/family-history-game/ This is a game that teaches the basics of how and where to find records for family history. Of course, this is only a sampling, but it gives the idea. This game works well for a large or small activity.  Read more here… Read the rest

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