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Savior Bookmark

This bookmark was submitted by Dana Y. to accompany Young Women Manual 1, Lesson 23: Forgiveness. It has the following quote overlaid on an image of the Savior: “Biblical history tells us that no mortal man has ever been subjected to the humility, the pain, the suffering that were experienced by the Savior of the world during his final hours of mortality. “Following a number of false charges, he was…
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Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior

Primary Talks

Vincent Poulaert (11) did not always know that Jesus Christ is the Savior, that He and Heavenly Father love him, and that his prayers would be answered. But he knows it now. Early each morning the Poulaert family reads the scriptures together. Last year they were reading from the Book of Mormon. One day they read about Jesus Christ calling the little children to Him. Sister Poulaert loves this passage…
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