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The Holy Ghost can Guide Us and Protect Us

Primary Talks

This is a true story about how the Holy Ghost can protect and guide us from the life of Willard Rosander. It was recorded in the Friend magazine in August 2008 and written as if Willard was telling the story to you: In 1878, President John Taylor called Saints to settle in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. Early in the twentieth century, Pa moved our family to that…
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Following the shepherd keeps me safe

Object Lesson

Study (in advance) John 10:1–18. Tell the children to sit anywhere in the Primary room. Explain that the room is like a sheepfold and their teacher is their “shepherd.” If they will listen and follow their shepherd’s voice, they will learn a lot this year. Have each shepherd call out his/her class by each child’s name. Then have the children follow their shepherd along a path of “danger spots,” such…
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