Who Said It?

Object Lesson

For a Fast Sunday lesson on the power of our words and how we set an example, I used looked through old status updates that our Young Women and YW Leaders have posted on their facebook profile. I selected one good one from each girl (we only have about 10 girls, wards or stakes with more can just hand pick a few girls) and had them guess who posted that status. I handed out the paper face down and spoke about how through facebook we can connect with people no matter where they live and that every time we post anything it is being read by potentially hundreds of people.

I explained that I created a sheet listing some of the girls status updates and they needed to figure out who said what. IMMEDIATELY there were groans and nervous feelings of what post of theirs might be on the paper. I told them that that feeling of “UH-OH” should stay with them the next time they went to post something other people would read.

Of course there was nothing bad on their posts and the girls got most of the answers right and loved the lesson.

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