Temple Work

Object Lesson

Hold up the candy and say ” I need a volunteer, and maybe this will encourage you,” Give the volunteer the opened candy bar and say this is your task “eat chocolate, but you cannot bend your arms or waist or legs. Imagine that you don’t have joints.” Have her struggle for a bit and then hold up another chocolate bar and say “Can I have another volunteer?” Follow the same procedure. Then say “how can these girls both enjoy the chocolate?” -“they can feed each other!” Then compare the chocolate to exaltation. One girl was the dead one and one was here on earth. The spirit girl needed the one on earth because she didn’t have a body and the one on earth needed the spirit because if we don’t do the work for the dead “the earth will be utterly wasted at his coming” We need each other, to be linked together. Have a class discussion, have people compare this to temple work: “Did you see how excited the girl was to volunteer when she saw the chocolate? She really wanted this work to be done for her!”

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