Prayer can ‘Topple’ Sin

Object Lesson

Prepare some dominoes for an object lesson (or something that could be used in place of dominoes). On the first domino attach the label, Prayer. Attach other labels such as hate, anger, pride, selfishness, greed, dishonesty, and so on. Use as many dominoes as you think advisable, labeling each. On the reverse side of each domino (except for the one labeled prayer), write labels naming the opposite of the sin on that domino. For instance, love on the reverse of hate, anger and long-suffering, pride and humility, selfishness and unselfishness, greed and generosity, dishonesty and honesty.

[For the lesson, teach the following:]

Prayer might be compared with pushing over a stack of dominoes. (Stand the dominoes, or other objects, that you have labeled in a line, with the domino labeled prayer first, closest to you, and the other dominoes lined up with the sin-labeled side facing the class, away from you and in front of the prayer domino. Push the prayer-labeled domino over into the line that faces the class. Pull the toppled dominoes out of the stack one at a time and reveal the word on the opposite side. For example, when prayer has toppled pride, humility results. Go through the whole list of sins prayer has toppled, showing the class the results.

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