Personal Progress

Object Lesson

Show the puzzle box and ask the girls how they would feel doing this puzzle. Hopefully you’ll get answers such as it looks difficult, it would take a lot of time, there are so many small pieces… Then relate the puzzle to Personal Progress. It may look difficult, it may look like it will take a lot of time and there may seem to be so many value experiences that will take all that time…. But all it takes is a little bit of effort every day/week. How would you start the puzzle? You’d start with the easy parts – the outside, or a significant part of the picture that looks a little easier. It’s the same with Personal Progress – start with the “easier goals” – the smaller value experiences (rather than the large projects). A little bit of regular effort will slowly complete the puzzle… a little bit of regular effort on Personal Progress will slowly but surely complete the program! You could do a handout with a piece of a puzzle, or create your own puzzle piece with something like “Personal Progress is like a puzzle. All it takes is a little bit of regular effort!”

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