Airplane lesson – finding your life’s destination

Object Lesson

This is a talk given by 11 year old Alex. The idea was based on Our Destiny November 1999 Ensign First you make two paper airplanes. One needs to fly very straight and true. The other needs to look a little battered and fly more in loops. There are patterns out there for making the different types. Then here is the lesson: Imagine a plane taking off, the plane is in perfect condition the crew is trained and they have flight plan. If you get on this plane your sure to get to your destination. Now, imagine another plane taking off it doesn’t really have a place to go. It’s not in good shape. Its crew is a bunch of high school kids who have just graduated and have not been properly trained yet. If you get on this plane your almost sure to not reach your destination. The first plane is god’s plan of happiness. Just like in the plane the church has leaders who are called of god. Just like the flight plan, gods plan of happiness is clearly written out in the scriptures. If we get on this plane, then we will be happy, and reach our destination of living with God again. The second plane is the world. It has no destination, no plan, no consistent direction or standards. One month the world wants Pokemon, next it wants Pogs. One year the world wants Harry Potter, next it wants Animorphs. Everthing is subject to the whims of popular culture. The passsengers on this plane don’t know where they are going, so they never know if they get there. According to Elder L. Aldin Porter Of the Presidency of the Seventy: ” One cannot make wise long-range decisions unless one understands that there is purpose here and recognizes that he must understand at least some aspects of the merciful plan of the great Creator. The Lord has given us instructions and commandments to help us fulfill the destiny which He envisions for us.” If I were a passenger with a specific destination, I would pick the one with trained pilots and a flight plan. I would feel safer and more secure the God’s plan of happiness. Then read this scripture: Eph. 4:11-14 and bear testimony. Source:

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