You are Chosen

Trudy says:

    For this lesson I printed up very large word strips (one word took up the whole page) with the words ‘why are you here ?’ I had this up on the chalkboard before the lesson… so when we started class I asked them why are they here? No answer is wrong of course… Then I asked it again why are YOU here when others are not, like a neighbor or other non-members? What makes you so special to be here and to have the gospel and not some else? After they got the jist of where I was going with this I flipped the word ‘here’ over and on the reverse was the word ‘chosen’… so now the board reads ‘why are you chosen?’ at this point we discussed how they are literal heirs of Abraham (all info in the lesson) At the end of the lesson I made one last change to my sign… I removed the ‘why’ and flipped the ‘?’ to the other side that had a ‘!’ on it… so the board now reads ‘you are chosen!’

    I also during the lesson used the line and dot analogy that the lesson had… as you can see this is the line that is under the title on my little handout.

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