Sharing Time Missionary Cube Game

To teach mission preparation, make a game board with a path divided into many squares of six different colors. Place a picture that represents sharing the gospel at the end of the path. Prepare a cube with six colored faces that match the colors on the game board. On each face of the cube, write one of the following:

Tell a personal story of obedience.
Express gratitude for your blessings.
Recite an article of faith.
Repeat one of “My Gospel Standards.”
Sing a song from “The Gospel” section of the Children’s Songbook.
Tell one thing you will do to be a missionary now.

Choose children to roll the cube and do what it says in order to move a game piece ahead to corresponding colored squares. Play the game for a set period of time and see how far you can go before the clock runs out. Reinforce the need to prepare now for missionary service.

(2005 Outline for Sharing Time, I Will Follow God’s Plan for Me, 3)

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