service towel

sharing time
examples of service
with a higher purpose…

ways to serve-
keep using the same towel through out…
each time ask- what is a way we can serve our family?

Hold up sign that says- what are you doing?
Have class ask question each time

Love is a verb ( make a V with two fingers)
Requiring action (swing arms like running)
Love is doing ( move arms like giving something)
With interaction (clasp hands together and shake them)

Actions are mimed
then poem read

What are you doing?

One bent over rubbing sore back

One kneading the dough ( play dough)
Then covering it up
with a towel

go over to rub back
now person can stand

Kneading muscles
Proves a surprise
For once I’m done
Then you can rise

What are you doing?

washing a window
smile, leave
another sits and looks out window

Our service is like
A sunshiny window
Opening t’wards heaven
As our good works then show

What are you doing?

pretend to play a trumpet
then look at it
and wipe it

other person is praying and crying
trumpeteer gives comfort and dries tears with cloth

I am as God’s instrument
Responding to a call
For when a plea filled prayer is sent
I can be God’s answer though I’m small

What are you doing?

two fighting over a towel
one let’s other have it

Let there be peace
May it begin with me
If I have what you need
I’ll wait patiently

What are you doing?

Pretend to brush teeth and
then wipe mouth

smile and wave
have everyone wave back

I am showing a brighter smile
That another can walk that extra mile

What are you doing?

wear towel on back like a cloak
have kids come give a hug and pretend to sew
different colors of yarn and stick
it to the towel

Little things are the big things
They make us feel like we’re kings
Like a thousand threads of love
That’s rich in colors from above

Break sing- fun to do, ask for suggestions- serving with you is fun to do,,,

Open a door, Play with a child
Resist the temptation to scream and be wild

What are you doing?

take rubber bands and
create a bunny out of towel

give it to someone

Create something
That was naught before
For the joy it brings
To the person it’s for

What are you doing?

One pretends to be working
wiping sweat, working

other brings a wet towel…

Hours in the sun
Cannot be much fun
So relieve the sweat
With a towel that’s wet

What are you doing?

Fill a gallon size zip lock bag
with humanitarian items

someone takes the bag
pass it around
another takes out the towel
gives to the girl
who hugs it

A girl in a devastated land
Had naught a single thing
Till a soft towel was placed in her hand
What a grand smile it did bring…

Turn a towel over showing
a picture of a possum

then someone ignoring another
person asking them to do something

It’s oft said
That I’m lazy
For I play dead
To make you crazy

show a picture of Jesus
and letters C T R

redo situation
and this time person cooperates

Where before I might play possum
When there was work that was not fun
Now I see a chance to serve and blossom
And I’m the first one to get things done
(have whole class say I’m)

Service takes willingness and sacrifice
And with a friend it goes fast for it’s twice as nice

pair up kids
give each child a wet wipe to wipe chairs down
and remind them how we should take care of our church building