God Gave the Increase Family Home Evening Lesson – 12 Ways of Christmas

Download this Family Home Evening Kit I created for 12 Ways of Christmas with Hot Pink Pansy.

It includes the following lesson, along with pictures and a graphic for your fridge. You can use the graphic in any number of different lessons.


Opening song – “Joy to the World”, Hymn #201

Opening prayer – by Invitation


Tell your students you will be discussing the word increase for Family Home Evening. By increase, we mean an increase of spiritual things, not an increase of money or temporal things.
2 Nephi 19:2-3, 6-7 and ask: “Think about our opening song, and tell us what great event brought about the increase of joy about which Isaiah spoke.” (the birth of Jesus Christ)
Isaiah also spoke of the future with these verses. When Christ returns for his Second Coming, the government he establishes will be without end. We will live in peace.
Tell the students you look forward to experiencing that increase of joy.
Read 1 Corinthians 3: 6-9,16 and ask: “What does ‘we are laborers together with God’ mean?” “What does ‘God gave the increase‘ mean to you?”
Now you’ll make your own temples with some “increasing” (expanding) foam insulation.

Hands-on Activity – Allow everyone to make their own foam temples. In a few hours the foam temples will have “increased” and become smooth with a nearly hollow center (see image). While you make the temples, you might ask the following questions
– What has to happen for the foam to expand? How does that relate to the quote “we are laborers together with God”?
– How can we find an increase of joy in our family?

Encourage to seek an increase of joy from God by working with Him to build their “temples”. Bear your witness of Christ’s birth and your love for him.

Closing prayer – by Invitation

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