DO try this at home! Object lessons for YM/YW on virtue, dating, repentance and more

One of my friends, Anthony Sweat and I wrote a book on WHY teens should live LDS Standards. As part of this book we included object lessons that parents (or the teens themselves) could use in a teaching setting. Deseret Book has allowed us to take eight of these object lessons and share them. They are on topics that are tender to teens: steady dating, eternal marriage, sexual purity, gratitude, language, modesty, pornography, and repentance. You can download the book at

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I would like to download "DO

I would like to download "DO try this at Home..." for dateing etc. But I cannot find the link. you say to click the file name below to download, but I don't see the file name. The link I see puts me right back here to this page.