Scripture Mastery Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to get the kids moving to find their scripture mastery. The list of 100 items has the instructions listed on the top. I will repost them here to give you an idea of how to play. Old Testament Scripture Mastery Scavenger Hunt- Split into 2 teams. Find the scripture (ex-Lord looketh on the heart-answer is 1Sam 16:7) Go to that scripture and find the first footnote reference (ex- footnote a is for seeth, go to that letter and find the first number shown, which is 10). If the number is higher than 100, than go to the next number (ex- 138:55, use 55). Find the number on the list below and find the object (ex-#10 is belt) First team to bring a belt up to the teacher gets a point. I will attach an answer key to so you can see what numbers are repeated or what items they will be searching for.

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