How to fix a Camp shirt that is TOO BIG! (No Sewing Necessary)

So… you’ve decided to save money on buying camp shirts by purchasing just one size. However, it becomes pretty obvious that no no matter how awesome the shirt, no one will wear them if they look silly. Here’s a great idea some girls in our ward shared with me on how to make your gigantic t-shirt into a super cute, fat roll-hiding (yes, really) custom tee.

How to make a Big T-shirt Smaller

Step One: Gather your supplies

All you need is a humongus t-shirt, some scissors, and 20 minutes.

Step Two:

Start by laying your shirt out flat. Cut slits into the side of the shirt being careful to keep them straight. No need to measure anything — eyeballing it is good enough. I’m cutting about 1.5 inches x 1 inch strips, which changed this shirt from XL to Medium +. I really should have cut it to 2 or 2.5 inches to get it to a better size for me.

Step Three:

The slits you’ve cut will be very stretchy. Now you can tie them into square knots. Pull them as tight as you can so that you cover up the holes in the side of the shirt as much as possible. Wider strips = fewer holes.

There will be a hole at the top of your knots just under the arm. You won’t be able to see it, but if it bothers you, you can sew it shut.

Finished Shirt

The finished tee is shown here with sleeves rolled and down so you can see what each looks like. You may also want to cut off your sleeves and leave them ragged to finish the look.

You can see that I could have cut this shirt down a good bit more — there’s still plenty of room. Taking 1.75 inches off each side of my XL tee resulted in a shirt that was a billowy medium in size. Best part — the ruching (gathers) at the sides covers any fat rolls. :-)

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