Amazin’ Grace Activity

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(Have everyone meet in the RS room. Divide the room into 4 (I put tape down on the floor…INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH TEAM

(Have everyone meet in the RS room. Divide the room into 4 (I put tape down on the floor to do this.) Place YM/YW in 4 equal teams. When all are placed in teams, read these instructions to everyone at the same time.)

You have been chosen to participate in the Amazin’ Grace.

You have been assigned to a team. Your team will be performing challenges that will test your skills and try your strength–both physical and mental. You must listen to the instructions very carefully and follow each one very closely. If you do not follow each instruction, you will have to start the challenge over again.

One person on your team will be designated the instructor by the vehicle driver. He/she will be in charge of telling the driver of the vehicle which roads to take to the next challenge.

Your driver has been instructed to follow the laws of the land. (No speeding, Slowing down at yellow lights, Full stops at stop signs, etc.) You must have your seat belts on for the driver to go.

The first team to complete each challenge and return will be the winner of the prize. Good luck to each of you.

Your first challenge lies in the cultural hall.

(NOTE: The prize for the winner should be something that everybody can share. I had a treasure box waiting in the cultural hall full of wrapped chocolate and powdered doughnuts. On the bottom of the wrapper I placed the scripture – 2 Nephi 25:23 “For we know that it is by The amazin’ grace that we are saved, after all we can do.”)

Once everyone is in the cultural hall, start with this one.

Just for Kicks-Stuff your face!! – Cultural Hall

INSTRUCTIONS – Before hand, set up 4 tables in cultural hall, have food set up on a plate(s) on each table – each team must have the same amount of plates, this means that some teams with less people will have more to eat. (This can be individual jellos, bowls of popcorn, pretzels, etc.)

SAY: You will be given a chance to be spiritually fed tonight. Before we can fill our minds, we will need to fill our stomachs. This challenge is for your physical body. Each one on your team will need to finish all items on your plate before you get your first clue.

Once all the food is gone, give them the first envelope. (#1) (Each of these envelopes will have a different address on it, sending each of the 4 groups to a different location.)

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