Activities for Small Young Women Groups

Here are some of our ideas we have planned for the next several months:

# Clothing exchange and manicures (girls bring outgrown or outliked clothes to exchange with each other, donate what’s left to charity)
# A mini-class on running and then actually running (we leaders just watched)
# Back to school cook out and camp out
# A dinner and Newlywed game for our Branch Presidency
# A night to learn line dances (most of our YW are second year beehives)
# Pillow night (making prayer pillows)
# Making and stamping spiritual thoughts for a “thought box”
# Graveyard Scavenger Hunt (learning how to read gravestones to help with genealogy)
# Halloween Drop and Runs (leaving Halloween treats anonymously on people’s doorsteps)

Most of these can be done with as few as one girl. We generally put one girl in charge of each activity. It is her responsibility to make sure that all of the materials are there, all of the girls are called and informed, and that everything goes smoothly. Lately, we’ve been seeing more attendance.

(I’ve found that involving Youth more in planning activities, and having class presidencies make specific assignments to other class members also increases attendance: They feel more responsible for the success of the activity, rather than expecting to be entertained. – Jenny)

Source: Geocities YWLDS

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