Easter Walk

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I put together an 8-day Easter “Walk with Christ” to share with my young women. I’ve seen several versions of this, and I simply adapted those to make my own. Each day you open an envelope and an egg and are led through the last week of Jesus Christ’s life.

I put the round labels on envelopes filled with the scripture references and daily stories. The rectangular challenges I put in numbered plastic eggs along with a few jelly beans. I then wrapped a “belly band” around the stack of 8 envelopes and gave the girls the eggs in a carton with the envelopes on top. I suggested they read the envelopes first, then open the eggs and read the challenge. They can put their challenges on their bathroom mirrors to help them think about it during the day, then eat their jelly beans before bed as they reflect on the things they learned that day.

You can download the Easter Walk printables below:

Easter Walk color labels

Easter Walk Stories

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