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Father’s Day / Missionary Tie Card

This is a template for the Father’s Day Tie Card, sometimes called the Shirt and Tie Card. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Print the template — any weight or color of paper is fine. The borders will not be visible if you print from the PDF (recommended). If you are printing the PDF version and the borders show, go to the Print Dialog (the window that comes up when you choose File->Print) and…
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As I forgive, I will be forgiven

Primary Talks

Inasmuch as you have forgiven one another your trespasses, even so I, the Lord, forgive you (D&C 82:1). As the school bus bumped along the rough road, Barbara bounced with excitement. “You should see my Father’s Day gift,” she told Francine. “Mr. Hansen, the art teacher, stayed after school for a few days to help me. It’s a hand-painted tie with all the soft colors my dad likes.” “Do you…
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