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Primary nursery/sunbeams rules

Tips for getting sunbeam children their attention, focus, and rules: Rules: (use rules with pictures, actions, and positive way) 1. Listen when the teacher is talking. (put hand to ears and use hands as mouth moving) 2. Follow directions quickly. (run in place) 3. Raise your hand to speak. (hand in air and use hand as mouth moving) 4. Work and Play safely. (make hands as fists like build/playing blocks)…
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Heavenly Father has a plan for me.

Primary Talks

The day was hot, very hot. Riley walked home from the store slowly. He dangled the plastic-wrapped loaf of bread from his left hand to balance himself as he walked along the curb. Suddenly he felt tiny drops of water fall on his head. He threw his head back and looked up, then shut his eyes and grinned. The rain felt cool and welcome. Quickly Riley sat down on the…
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