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Family home evening strengthens my family

Primary Talks

Learning the gospel can be fun! … Together on fam’ly night! (Children’s Songbook, page 195). The door slammed behind Matthew as he ran in the house. He dropped his kindergarten papers on the kitchen table. “I’m home,” he said to his mother, who was spreading peanut butter on bread. “I’m ready to work on my family home evening lesson.” Mother laughed. “Just a minute, son,” she said. “You need to…
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Quantity matters

Object Lesson

Read the following quotation from Dr. James Dobson: “Why do we have to choose between the virtues of quantity versus quality? We won’t accept that forced choice in any other area of our lives. So why is it only relevant to our children? “Let me illustrate my point. Let’s suppose you’ve looked forward all day to eating at one of the finest restaurants in town. The waiter brings you a…
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