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{Sharing Time} Jesus Christ Was Resurrected, and I Will Be Too!

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Primary Outline

Encourage understanding:Divide the children into groups and give each group a picture of an event related to the Resurrection (for example, you could use pictures of the Crucifixion, Christ’s burial, the empty tomb, Mary and the resurrected Lord, and Jesus showing His wounds to His disciples). Tell them not to let the other groups see their picture. Have each group give a few clues to help the other children guess what is happening in their picture. When they guess correctly, show the picture to the other groups. Explain that because Jesus Christ was resurrected, we will all be resurrected.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

For this Sharing Time I am getting a little help from a previous idea I have shared on the blog. I changed a few things up so that it would go with this week’s topic and the idea given in the outline. Enjoy!

For this Sharing Time you will be dressing up like a detective to ‘find out more’ about the Resurrection.  To look like an inspector or detective, wear a trench coat and carry a large magnifying glass.
Tell the children that you are looking for clues about the reality of the Resurrection/to learn more about the Resurrection.

You will hide different ‘clues’ around the Primary room. Each set of clues will represent one of the pictures listed in the Primary Outline.

To Prepare:

Before Primary find the pictures you will be using for this Sharing Time. Here are a few ideas to choose from:


Christ’s Burial

The Empty Tomb

Mary and the Resurrected Lord

Jesus Showing His Wounds to His Disciples

You will also need to come up with a few clues for each picture. Write/type the clues onto a piece of paper. Place the clues inside of an envelope or small box. If you would like the children to find the pictures in a particular order you can label each box/envelope with a number (#1-4; or however many pictures you choose).

For Sharing Time

Have your clues hidden around the Primary room. At the front of the room have the pictures you have chosen posted on a bulletin board or chalkboard.

Invite a child to come to the front to help you find the first clue. You can hand them a magnifying glass and a hat if you’d like.

Once they find clue #1 have them open it up. Have them read the clues/statements aloud. Then have the child pick which picture they think the clues are describing.

Once the picture has been guess correctly, show the picture to the other children. Discuss what is happening in the picture.

Continue by inviting another child up to the front to help you find the next set of clues.

Conclude that the evidence is overwhelming that Jesus Christ was resurrected and that we will be too!

I really liked the ‘detective’ idea for this Sharing Time. It’s fun enough to catch/keep the children’s attention, but will be spiritual as well as you discuss each picture.

Another Idea

Here’s Another really cute idea that talks about Resurrection, that I found on lds.org {From The Friend; Sharing Time: He Lives!; April 2007}
Display three shoe boxes, and ask the children to raise their hands if they like to try on new shoes. Explain that you want them to imagine trying on some other people’s shoes, but more important you want them to imagine what it would be like to actually be that person.

One by one, take out a pair of shoes from each box. (You can also display pictures or drawings of shoes.)

Show a pair of boots to represent the soldiers who guarded Jesus’s tomb. Use detail to tell the story in such a way that the children can imagine being there when Jesus Christ was laid in the tomb.

Next, use a pair of sandals to tell the story of Mary Magdalene. Ask the children how it might have felt to have been at the garden tomb when the resurrected Savior appeared.

Last, show a pair of shoes that children in your area commonly wear. Ask how it feels to be a member of the Church and to have the knowledge that you will be resurrected because of the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bear testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died and was resurrected.

 I hope you enjoy the ideas I have shared today. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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