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How to Plan an Amazing Mutual Activity

Our ward held a combination leadership/planning meeting last Sunday before Conference.  This handout contains some of the information that we discussed during our training.  Plan an amazing mutual activity with these tips.  Your activity does not need to match all of these items, but it Purposeful Planning: Amazing Mutual Activities Ministering Who in our class needs help or support? How can we include everyone in this activity? Administering Do we have…
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{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

When I served in the Primary Presidency several years ago the President found ‘coupons’ to give to the teachers on their birthday.
The coupons were for a ‘Sunday Off’ so that they could go to Relief Society/Priesthood.

Well, I’m back in Primary and asked the President if we could do something similar for our wonderful teachers.
Today I would like to share what I created for our teachers.

{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

I began by searching for ideas on Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest!). I was on the search for Birthday Gift ideas for the teachers as well as ‘Thank You’ ideas for substitutes (post & printables to come soon).
As I was scrolling through Pinterest I came across a cute printable (found HERE) for a Kit Kat bar. The printable was for school teachers and it wrapped around the entire bar, but I liked the phrase on the printable ‘You Deserve a Break’.

I decided to use the ‘Kit Kat’ idea along with the coupon for our gifts.

{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

I saw a few different versions of the ‘coupon’ on Pinterest, here is one teacher appreciation coupon on Sugardoodle. I decided to change a few things, so I got to work creating my own coupon and a tag for the Kit Kat.

Here is the finished product! What do you think?
{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

I had some clear plastic boxes that I thought would work great. I decided to use the Kit Kat miniatures and added a few to the box and then wrapped the box with some twine (ribbon or string would work great too). I punched a hole in the ‘Need a Break’ tag and tied that on to the string. Then I slipped the coupon underneath the string.

You could also buy the full size candy bars and place the coupon on top and tie some string/ribbon around it and add the tag.
No matter what you do I’m sure your Primary teachers will love it! Because who wouldn’t like chocolate and a Sunday off?!?

Today I am sharing my Teacher Coupon Printables with you!
Just click the links below to download & print.

And to all you amazing primary teachers out there…Thank you for all you do.

 “No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman],

than to be a teacher of God’s Children.”

{Pres. David O. McKay}

You may feel like your calling isn’t as great or as important as some other callings, but I think yours is the greatest. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day! 

{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

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