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How to Plan an Amazing Mutual Activity

Our ward held a combination leadership/planning meeting last Sunday before Conference.  This handout contains some of the information that we discussed during our training.  Plan an amazing mutual activity with these tips.  Your activity does not need to match all of these items, but it Purposeful Planning: Amazing Mutual Activities Ministering Who in our class needs help or support? How can we include everyone in this activity? Administering Do we have…
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Class presidency responsibilities?

By Nancy Willey Blan Nancy Willey Blan: For those of you who have a class president in your classrooms, what responsibilities do you give them? (5 hours ago) Julee Robinson: We have a sign up sheet for prayers, hymn and devotionals. The president of the week makes sure those things are signed up for by other class members. The president conducts class, sometimes conducts some kind of scripture mastery activity,…
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Young Women Meeting Agenda

By Kristin I’ve got another young women planning document to share with you! I revamped our presidency agenda, and turned it into an editable pdf. Download the pdf, then open in Adobe Acrobat. You can then click in any section of the agenda to input your agenda information. Hope this is a helpful tool for you. Download below: YW Presidency Meeting Agenda – editable Pin It Source:: Inka Blinka

How Do You Get The Word Out About Activities? (Random Question Thursday)

Downloaded from: http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/2014/04/how-do-you-get-word-out-about.html Every week on Wednesday night, without fail, at least one of the yw asks, “What are we doing for Mutual?” or another classic that I hear on Sundays – “I didn’t come to Mutual because I didn’t know what we were doing”I try to make this information as readily available as possible (and in as many formats as possible). They (and their parents) should be see and/or…
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2013 Youth Theme Gift Ornament

Downloaded from: http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/2013/10/mutual-theme-gift-ornament.html If you are a member of my current YW Presidency, please avert your eyes!!!!! :)When I’m in a Presidency, I like to make Christmas ornaments for the whole Presidency to help us commemorate the year. Using the Mutual theme for the year is a good way to do that for a YW Presidency. I made these for all of the Presidency members in our ward, but you…
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