Unity – building bridges

Object Lesson

Lock all YW doors but one, place a piece of paper in the floor with the word obstacle printed on it. Place the bridge through the doorway and over the paper- the YW have to cross the bridge to come into the YW room. Don’t say anything about the bridge yet – after opening exercises starts have the laurel conducting give you a moment to speak- give scriptures on unity and love Tell the YW that sometimes they face obstacles that stand in their way of having Christlike love for the other YW, or family members, friends, etc. It is up to them to find ways to cross bridges ( obstacles) -to heal or strengthen those relationships- that YW’s is a place to learn to love as the Savior loves– You could even have a activity on Wed where they build the bridge. (other source- Covey’s thoughts on Win- Win relationships- you can even agree to disagree- and still retain love, unity and respect for each other.)

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