Staying in the center

Object Lesson

You need a lazy susan or turntables that go in your cupboard for your spices. Place an unbreakable object, like a plastic cup, on the turntable. Demonstrate what happens if the cup is moved toward the edge of the turntable while it is spun. If you can’t have the demonstration then just have them picture the last time they were on a merry-go-round and have the class discuss what happens to a person in the dead center and what happens to someone on the edge when the merry-go-round is going very fast.

The lesson from the New Era is this: You’ll find that when you move away from the teachings of the Savior and the prophets, you find yourself taking risks you know you shouldn’t. And then you can suddenly find yourself far away from the Church. And it can be really hard to get back on the ride again once you’re off. If we stay centered on Him, following the teachings of the Church and the prophets, we won’t be tempted to take the risks that will throw us off the path that leads home.

New Era magazine – Nov 99, p.44

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