Object Lesson

Each of us are made up of two parts: a body and a spirit. You can see a body and feel it and it can move and talk and do all those wonderful things. You can’t see a spirit, but it is also there. Can you see radio waves coming into your radio? Can you see music waves coming out of a piano? Instruct the children to blow into their hands–can they see the air? No, but we know all those things are there. This glove represents your body and my hand is your spirit. (Put the glove on the hand) Your body has to have a spirit inside, or it wouldn’t be alive and able to move around. When it is time to die then the spirit leaves the body and goes back to be with God, who created our spirits. (Take off the glove) The body is not alive anymore, but the person that we know and love still exists but as a spirit. We can’t see spirits, but we know they are there. The body stays right here on earth until it is time for the resurrection. What is that? It is when your spirit is joined again to your body. (Put the glove on again) After a person is ressurrected, the spirit and body will always stay together and never be separated again! It is sad when people we love die, because it means that we won’t see them for a long time. When Jesus was resurrected, he made it possible for us to be resurrected too. We know we will see our friends and family because Jesus was resurrected. Source:, with some changes by Jenny Smith

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