Making Time in our Life for the Lord Pays Off

Object Lesson

Beforehand, fill the jar with large rocks, then pour rice into the jar with the rocks until the rice fills all the empty space between the rocks.  Then pour the rice and rocks out of the jar and put them into separate containers.  LESSON:  It is hard to fit everything in our lives.  Almost everyone struggles with finding enough time.  This object lesson demonstrates how putting the things of the Lord first, will allow Him to bless us with time for other things and help us manage our lives.  Pour the rice in the jar.  The rice represents things that we want to do (work, spend time with friends, vacations, hobbies, etc.).  Now put the rocks in the jar.  Only a few will fit.  The rocks represent what the Lord asks of us (prayer, scripture study, family home evening, temple worship, fulfilling our callings, etc.).   When we do what we want first, there is rarely enough time left to do what the Lord asks of us.  Now empty the rocks and rice back into their separate containers.  This time, put the rocks in the jar first, then pour the rice into the jar with the rocks.  When we do what the Lord asks us to do first, then we are blessed and we are able to find time to do both.

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