How do we feel when we make a wrong choice?

Object Lesson

Ask for two volunteers. Have one eat a slice of lemon (usually a boy is more likely to taste the lemon than a girl) and another eat a slice of apple. I compared the way they reacted and felt to the way we feel when we make wrong or right choices. The lemon-eaters felt sour and had a bad taste that lingered in their mouths. The apple-eaters enjoyed their apples and wished for more. It was kind of silly but the kids really liked it. I used it for both junior and senior Primary. A variation: Show the apple and the lemon, and talk about how they smell and taste. Cut one of each in half and walk around and let a few smell them. What are some words that describe the taste of an apple/lemon? The decisions we make have consequences that either taste like an apple (sweet) or a lemon (bitter). Heavenly Father has given us standards to live by and if we make our decisions following these standards we will always taste apples. Source: – (visit the Primary Object lessons section)

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