Families are like Jelly Beans

Object Lesson

Separate a bag of jelly beans into a separate glass or other see thru container. Begin handing out the jelly beans to the class while saying things like “these green jelly beans represent my aunt. I remember _____, but I’ve gotten too busy and haven’t seen her in years. These jelly beans remind me of my nephew, who allows ______, but they have moved away and I never see him any more.” and so on until you have given away all but the white jelly beans. When you pick up the white jar of jelly beans, talk about how this is all that’s left and how plain and boring it is, kind of like your life would be without your family. Place a container large enough to hold all the jelly beans and have the girls help you fill it up. Point out how colorful and full the bowl looks and compare it to a family full of love and variety. Now that you’ve got the class’ attention, continue on with the rest of the lesson. You could use the jelly beans as incentive for class participation.

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