Baptism object lesson

Object Lesson

Hold up the pure white egg and tell how we all come to the earth pure and unblemished. As we grow, we make mistakes which tarnish us.Take the crayons and make marks on the shell of the hard boiled egg as you mention possible sins-lied to my mom, hit my brother, cheated on my homework, said a bad word, stole candy from the store.(Do not use markers as they will bleed through the shell.) Then hold up the egg so all can see the blemishes. Carefully peel the egg to show how baptism allows us to shed our wordly self and become pure and unblemished again. Tell the child being baptised that today they will make mistakes in their life, but because they have been baptised and washed clean, they can renew those covenants, repent, and become clean each week by taking the sacrament.

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